About Ajay Gupta and Nandansons International, Inc.

In 1979, Ajay Gupta founded Nandansons International, Inc., in Manhattan, New York. It has since maintained its position as a leader in brand-name, prestige fragrances worldwide.

Nandansons International, Inc., is family-owned and operated, with Ajay Gupta as Chief Executive Officer and family members Nutan Gupta, Ankur Gupta, Nupur Gupta, Anuj Gupta and Ankit Gupta in executive leadership positions.

Today, Nandansons operates in New Jersey, from a 55,000-square-foot warehouse with a team working every day of the year. It honors all commitments and sells only genuine products acquired directly from the manufacturers or from a network of trusted sellers. All orders are processed within a maximum of forty-eight hours, and every customer receives expedited care to address all inquiries.

Though it was founded over three decades ago, Nandansons International continues to experience regular annual growth and receive excellent client and partner reviews.

In addition to Nandansons International, Ajay Gupta formed the Nandansons Charitable Foundation, Inc., with Nutan Gupta in 2010.

“We’re always looking for new opportunities to support causes that are important to our customers and local community,” says Nandansons President Ankur Gupta. “Personally, I enjoy working with charity representatives – they’re so gracious. It’s a really rewarding experience.”

To learn more or to get in touch with Ajay Gupta through Nandansons International, Inc., go to https://www.nandansons.com/site-page/social-responsibility.html

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